Programs and Services

Programs and Services

VACFSS provides a wide range of delegated and non-delegated services to help urban Aboriginal children and families.  These services currently fall within four departments: Guardianship, Residential Resources, Child Protection, Family Preservation and Reunification.  Each program works to support children and families in overcoming their challenges and staying connected to their cultures.

Foster Care

Provides families who are contracted out by Residential Resources.  We are always looking for more foster parents.


Assists children that have been brought into care under a continuing care order while keeping them connected with their culture.

Family Preservation & Reunification

Works to address  the needs of families with a focus on engaging the parent in a process that will prevent children from coming into care or staying in long term care while they are already in care.

Residential Resources

Responsible for recruiting and developing a range of residential resources for children who come into care temporarily and in the case of children in Continuing Care on a more ongoing basis.

Child Protection

VACFSS is now responsible for providing Aboriginal Child Protection services for Vancouver