Your voice is important to us.


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Your Voice is important To Us

Dear VACFSS community,

These surveys are part of VACFSS’s ongoing efforts in improving the quality of service to the community.

In order to deliver restorative services we ground our practice in five main values:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Humility
  • Belonging
  • Strength-based practice

VACFSS’s ability to offer holistic services rests in receiving feedback from all members of our community. This includes you and your response to these surveys. In collecting your stories and experiences through the Satisfaction Surveys we acknowledge the initiatives that have enriched your experiences while identifying areas where improvement may be required.

(These surveys are anonymous. This means that no clients will be singled out and no information will be provided that could identify you or your family.)

There are four surveys:

Fill out the Child Protection survey if you have received services from Child Protection:

Child Protection

Fill out the Children and Youth survey if you are a Child or Youth in VACFSS care:

Children and Youth

Fill out the Foster Parent survey if you are VACFSS Foster Parent:

Foster Parent

Fill out the Family Preservation survey if you have received services from Family Preservation:

Family Preservation