Child Protection FAQ

Child Protection FAQ

1.  When will the Child Protection transfer be complete?

The transfer will begin in the autumn of 2007 and be complete in April 2008.

2.  How does VACFSS provide services differently than the Ministry?

As with the Ministry, the safety and well-being of children will be our first priority.  Our practice is grounded in the recognition that many Aboriginal families continue to be vulnerable due to historical factors and ongoing systemic barriers and challenges.  We recognize that sustained effort is required for engaging families within a supportive network of community resources.  Our overall goal is to empower families to recognize and overcome the barriers that increase their vulnerability.

In order to be successful in our approach we will continue to develop and strengthen our Family Preservation and Collaborative Practice and combine it with Child Protection services. The model will encompass a range of services to address the mental, spiritual, emotional and physical needs of our clients.

3.  What are your standards based on?

We operate under the Aboriginal Operations and Practice Standards and Indicators (AOPSI) which either meet or exceed those of the Ministry.

4.  For which areas do you provide child protection services?

We provide services in Vancouver and Richmond.

5.  What if I don’t know whether or not a child is Aboriginal?

Once a call is received by either our office or the Ministry office, an investigation will take place.  At that time, it will be decided whether or not a child is Aboriginal and the appropriate services provider will be involved.

6.  Are there any Aboriginal groups you do not provide child protection services to?

We don’t provide child protection services to children that are Metis, Musqueam or Nisga’a.

7.  Is VACFSS taking over existing files or only new ones?

The files of children and families being served by Aboriginal Intake and Family Services have been transferred to VACFSS.  As well, we will be reponsible for all new files for Aboriginal children and youth in Vancouver and Richmond.  By transferring the existing files so that clients are served by the same social worker, we are trying to make sure that the transfer causes as little disruption as possible on the lives of children and families being served.