Child Protection

Child Protection

VACFSS is responsible for child protection services for Aboriginal children, youth and families for Vancouver.

This includes:

  • Providing services that will help strengthen Aboriginal children and families

  • Providing service to the parents or others who are responsible for the care of such children

  • Reviewing, assessing and investigating reports of child abuse, neglect and exploitation of children

Child Protection services are guided on the five core values of Integrity, Belonging, Humility, Respect and Strength-Based Practice.  As well, all services provided are culturally based and make use of traditions and practices that strengthen cultural identity.  The Aboriginal community, through VACFSS, has the authority and the resources to ensure that children are protected and that families are supported.

VACFSS provides services that build on the strengths of children and families. Families are respected for their knowledge and input into planning the services that will work for them.

Child Protection works with other services such as Family Preservation and Reunification and Family Group Decision Making to focus on prevention and keeping the family unit together whenever possible.  When VACFSS social workers encounter child protection concerns, they utilize less disruptive measures for keeping children connected to their families.  To do this, social workers seek placement with extended family, engage families to utilize support services, and work within the community with existing agencies and services to support children and families at risk or in crisis