To date, VACFSS has signed eight protocols, five with delegated Aboriginal agencies (Haida Child and Family Services of Haida Gwaii, Métis Family Services of Surrey, Surrounded by Cedar Child & Family Services of Victoria, Heiltsuk Kaxla Child and Family Services of Bella Bella, Nezul Be Hunuyeh Child and Family Services Society of Fort St. James and Carrier-Sekani Child and Family Services of Prince George), one with a First Nations Band (the Tsleil-Wautuuth Nation),  and one with a local service provider(After Hours).


Surrounded by Cedar Protocol [/one_half_last]

These protocols are a means by which we and our partners can speak a common language about shared goals. The central focus of the protocols is on ensuring the safety and well-being of our Aboriginal children and that the best interests of every child are considered in all our decisions regarding their care.  Our protocols provide us with a blueprint for ensuring both parties work together with the common goal of supporting children to maintain contact with their families and communities.  These protocols acknowledge the reality and importance of the life long connection between children and their original families and Aboriginal communities.

We feel that these protocols are a tremendous way of ensuring best practices in an efficient and consistent manner.  Through them we are not only building better lives for Aboriginal children and families, but we are also building a healthier community by working together to support our children.