VACFSS Raffle Ticket Fundraiser


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The VACFSS raffle ticket sales is a fundraising initiative for the “Developing the Gifts of Our Children & Youth Fund,” which was established in 2005 to esteem and support the gifts of our children in care. Extracurricular costs to explore music, dance, arts or sports are not covered by core funding and VACFSS takes responsibility that it is our duty to find the extra funding to provide opportunities for VACFSS children and youth to explore their extracurricular interests.

All items were donated In Kind.

Ticket sales end Thursday, December 14, 2017
Prizes will be drawn on Friday, December 15, 2017 at 745 Clark at 3pm.

Tickets are 3/$20

Prizes include:

1st Prize
Artist: Jerry Smith (Kwagiulth)
Title: Raven Bowl
Dimensions: 23”x9”x5”
Valued at: $1000

2nd Prize
Artist: Bill Wilson (Kwagiulth)
Title: Eagle/Bear/Salmon Plaque
Dimensions: 45.5”x15”x2.5”
Valued at: $550

3rd Prize
Artist: Bill Wilson (Kwagiulth)
Title: Salmon Paddle
Dimensions: 46.5”x6”x1”
Valued at: $400

4th Prize
Artist: Russell Smith (Kwagiulth)
Title: Silver Bear Copper Pendant
Dimensions: 3”x2”
Valued at: $400

5th Prize
Artist: Jerry Smith (Kwagiulth)
Dimensions: 14”x15”
Title: Killer Whale Print
Valued at: $250

BC Gaming License #98875

Please see attachment for pictures and detailed information on the raffle items.