Youth Advisory Committee

Youth Advisory Committee

Recent Projects

The Youth Advisory Committee, and elders created these collaborative films along with Reel Youth. They used the opportunity to share their stories, and assert healing through their rights and responsibilities.  Check them out.


The Youth Advisory Committee plays an integral role at VACFSS by bringing their stories, experiences and most of all their recommendations on various youth related topics.  We are very proud of the committee and their accomplishments and believe they are experts in their own lives, and their input into the broader care system is invaluable.

The VACFSS Youth Advisory Committee:

  • First urban Aboriginal youth committee in Vancouver

  • Consists of 8-12 youth with 5 guiding social workers

  • Committee meets on a monthly basis to offer their expertise on a variety of projects brought forward by VACFSS.

  • The vision of the committee is to increase the level of involvement that the youth have in the care they receive.

  • The committee has provided a tool for youth engagement, and a way of genuinely acknowledging the gifts our children hold.

  • One of the key achievements of the committee so far has been completing a video on the rights of children in care. This video will help teach children and youth their rights in a language they understand.

  • Next projects include the youth playing a larger role in foster care recruitment, and making a joint video with our elders around the responsibilities of being an Aboriginal youth.