Residential Resources FAQ

Residential Resources FAQ

1. What kind of residential resources do you have?

We have 190 foster homes and 17 staffed residential resources.  Foster homes are for long term placements, whereas staffed residential programs usually offer “therapeutic”, short-term and intensive intervention.

2. Do you have to be Aboriginal to be a foster parent for an Aboriginal child?

No.  We have many wonderful foster parents who are not Aboriginal.  Of course we encourage Aboriginal people to become foster parents as we feel that there is tremendous value for both the foster parent and foster child when both are Aboriginal.  However, we provide cultural training and support to all foster parents.

3. What kind of training do foster parents receive?

Foster parents receive pre-service training, 53 hours of mandatory foster parent education, mandatory cultural training and inclusive foster care training.  Foster Parents also have access to various on-going support services.   If you would like to know about them, ask a member of the Residential Resources team.

4. Are foster parents VACFSS employees?

No.  Foster parents are independent contractors.  They are not employees.

5. How can I become a foster parent?

Go to the Foster Care section to find out more.