Working for VACFSS

Working for VACFSS

VACFSS is a great place to work! We offer full benefits for permanent employees, a public service pension plan and a friendly working environment.

We welcome qualified people to work in all four departments (Child Protection, Guardianship, Residential Resources and Family Preservation and Reunification).

Come join our team!

“VACFSS is a rapidly growing agency with plenty of opportunity and heart.”
Preference is given to persons of Aboriginal ancestry, as per Section 41 of the Human Rights Code

Our Mission

The mission of the Human Resources Department is to be the employer of “first choice” in the Vancouver region for people who wish to be part of a caring, committed, diverse and talented workforce dedicated to ensuring a balanced and harmonious Aboriginal community through holistic service delivery that culturally and spiritually strengthens Aboriginal families.


We aspire to provide VACFSS with a highly skilled and truly diverse work force characterized by honesty, integrity, compassion, caring, and commitment to the Society’s work of providing outstanding and responsive care to Aboriginal children, youth and families.  We will be the employer of “first choice” within our region because we treat each employee with respect for: the talents they contribute; the potential we can foster; and the achievement of job satisfaction.  We will be viewed as valuable partners to our managers, faculty, and staff members because we consistently provide innovative and effective solutions to every human resources challenge.

Values We Practice 

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Belonging
  • Humility
  • Strength-Based


  • Develop, implement, and measure our efforts in providing systems which foster Aboriginal practices, values and spiritual expression;
  • Promote a positive work environment characterized by respect, fairness, and professionalism through the development of human resources policies and practices which are well conceived, well communicated and well understood;
  • Advocate for fairness and equity in establishing and maintaining a market-competitive compensation package which positions the Society to successfully recruit and retain a highly skilled workforce;
  • Develop a model program which promotes employee morale;
  • Develop innovative training programs for managers, and staff designed to foster job satisfaction and professional growth;
  • Design and develop decision support tools such as employee surveys, retention, recruitment, and other data analysis which will guide the development of effective human resources management policies, procedures, programs and services; and
  • Be the forum for labor and management, supervisors and employees in reaching understanding and reconciling differences to promote effective working relationships.