Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

VACFSS is again seeking qualified applicants to be added to our applicant pool that will also be used to staff similar positions for upcoming vacancies.


Current Opportunities:


Child Protection
Residential Resources
Administration and Program Support

Future Opportunities:

Please check back for upcoming opportunities.

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Please note the following:

  • Social Workers and Counselling applicants must possess a BA, BSW or MSW.

  • Applications submitted prior to July 2015, are no longer on file. Interested individuals must re-apply.

  • Preference will be given to qualified Aboriginal candidates in accordance with Section 41 of the BC Human Rights Code.

Frequently Asked Questions +/-

Why should people come to VACFSS?

VACFSS is a leading Aboriginal child and family service provider as well as an Aboriginal non-profit agency, we are able to combine our goal of strengthening and encouraging cultural connection with the freedom to be able to remain at the cutting edge of service provision.

We are always striving to improve while remaining grounded in the wisdom of our culture, clients, staff and Board.  Staff input is always welcomed and has been very valuable in shaping the agency and our services.  We offer the same salaries as the Ministry and a competitive benefits package.

We consider our staff our most valuable resource and are always striving to create the best environment professionally, spiritually and personally.

What is the atmosphere like at VACFSS?

At VACFSS, we understand the importance of creating a warm and welcoming environment for staff and visitors.   It’s for this reason that we try to make our offices as pleasant as possible all the way from a smiling face at the reception desks to regularly celebrating highlights and special occasions in our staffs’ lives.

As an Aboriginal agency that represents and serves the local Aboriginal community, we display the art of local Aboriginal artists in our offices and host an annual art and craft sale.   Aboriginal ceremonies and practices are a regular part of life within the Agency as witnessed in the homecoming ceremonies for children returning home to their families, coming of age for youth aging out, renewing and grounding ceremonies that are carried out by various healers and elders.  As we want to connect our clients to their Aboriginal culture, we understand that it must first begin with us.

Does VACFSS have a pension plan?

Yes. All permanent employees are members of the Public Service Pension Plan.

Does VACFSS have competitive salaries?

Yes.  Social workers receive the same rates of pay as MCFD social workers. 

What type of medical benefits does VACFSS have and what premiums do you pay?

Our benefits include:

  • basic medical,
  • extended health,
  • dental,
  • group life, and
  • premiums are 100% paid by the employer

Are employees represented by a union?

Yes. All members, other than excluded, are members of the BCGEU.

What is available for self care?

VACFSS understands that the work our staff does is demanding, and to be able to provide the best care possible to their clients we must do the same for our staff.  Therefore, we are always providing opportunities for staff to develop themselves professionally and personally.

We have offered in-house workshops on subjects such as time management, personal finance, and conflict resolution. As well, healthy lifestyle classes meet weekly.

Do employees have to be Aboriginal to work in the agency?

No. But we are an Aboriginal agency and expect our employees to understand the history of Aboriginal people in Canada, be willing and open to participate in cultural practice, and to embrace the Aboriginal spirit and culture.